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New mattress buying guide


A few things to consider when buying a new mattress.


  •  High-density memory foam is more durable and longer-lasting than lower density foam
  •  Consider a mattress with a removable, washable cover to keep things fresh
  •  Serta iComfort is the firmness adjustment
  •  Look beyond the cooling gimmicks many mattress brands market
  •  Make sure the return process works on your terms.

High-density memory foam

Ratings via Sleep Like the Dead

Consumer surveys show that memory foam mattresses have the highest owner satisfaction in the industry. It was first used by Tempurpedic in the early 1990s, and is still the main selling feature of most high-end mattresses today.

Memory foam is also the most expensive part of a mattress which is why many companies use less of it, instead of using layers of latex, conventional foam, or fluffy covers. They claim this is for “better bounce” or “better cooling”, but in fact, it is to reduce their manufacturing costs.